What is Malibu Pilates®?

Malibu Pilates® Chair

Fitness pioneer Joseph Pilates created his Pilates method in the 1920s, along with the Wunda Chair, his crowning achievement because it transformed conventional Pilates into a fat-burning cardio exercise. Carroll Krieff then took Joseph Pilates' vision into the next generation with her affordable, portable, in-home total body Malibu Pilates® PRO Chair and System. Malibu Pilates combines the sculpting power of Pilates with user-friendly cardio exercises.

The PRO Chair’s combination of adjustable spring resistance and the DVD’s flowing cardio moves help sculpt your legs, arms, buns, and thighs while target toning your abs with every move you make. The custom split-step pedals work your arms and legs individually—or simultaneously for added resistance—and can be adjusted on the fly to maintain your workout flow and keep your heart rate up for continuous calorie burning.

The Malibu Pilates® PRO Chair with Perfect Abs® construction is sturdy, safe, and strong, yet so lightweight that it's easy to set-up and store away in seconds.

Carroll Krieff

Carroll Krieff

For over a decade, Celebrity Pilates Trainer Carroll Krieff has been working with her VIP clientele to lengthen, strengthen and tone their bodies into enviable shape. Now, with her revolutionary Malibu Pilates PRO system, Carroll is realizing her dream to bring her body-changing workout to people everywhere.

Inspired by the original Pilates Wunda Chair created by Joseph Pilates, Carroll created her very own Malibu Pilates® PRO Chair designed to bring great results in the shortest amount of time. This affordable, portable chair makes it easy for almost anyone to get the benefits of Carroll's workout at home. "The chair, along with my exclusive Malibu Pilates cardio workout, gives my clients the results they need fast. I wanted to make it available to everyone!" says Carroll.

The Malibu Pilates® PRO Chair allows for a fast-paced, yet safe, aerobic work-out promoting weight loss and fat burning benefits. The Malibu Pilates PRO Chair gets everyone in shape – from female celebrities who need fast, dramatic results to men, who are generally a tougher sell when it comes to Pilates.

Carroll's passion for Pilates and the desire to make people stronger, fitter and healthier, through the introduction of her Malibu Pilates®, is a dream come true and a constant fulfillment of one of her lifelong dreams.

Co-Created by David Krieff

Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci is best known for playing the infamous Erica Kane on All My Children for over 40 years, but one thing her fans always want to know is how she manages to look so amazing. How does she do it? Susan trusts Malibu Pilates® to keep her in great shape.

"For all those people who ask me, who stop me, who write to me, who email me, and ask me what do I do to stay in such good shape, this is truly what I do. I do Malibu Pilates," says Susan.

As an actress, celebrity spokesperson, mother, and wife, Susan needs to stay fit and healthy to deal with the demands of her busy life, both on the red carpet and off. With Malibu Pilates® fast and effective technique -- which combines powerful sculpting moves with fat-burning "cardio blasts" -- Susan gets both the body-toning results of Pilates with the weight-loss benefits of aerobic exercises, all in one workout!

Susan believes fitness and health are too important to trust to just any workout program. That's why she chose the Malibu Pilates® program which keeps her in great shape. It's worked for Susan, and it'll work for you too. Guaranteed or your money back!

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